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'2013 Foals'
2013 Foals

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Page last updated July 29th 2013.

Below is a list of our 2013 Shetland Pony Foals.
The foals are listed in the order they were born - most recent first..

For anyone wishing to purchase a foal we ask for a small deposit until the foal is weaned and the balance on collection.

Zennor Eric:

Chestnut Colt Foal:   To make 39-40"
Born:   28.05.2013
Sire:   Zennor Drizzle
Dam:   Gwelanmor Easter Time

Unfortunately Eric had a bit of a bad start as his mother had mastitis soon after he was born , they are both doing well now.
  2013 Foal (Zennor Eric) - Born 28.05.2013
Zennor Floretta:

Grey Filly Foal:   To make 39"
Born:   24.04.2013
Sire:   Southley Snowman
Dam:   Zennor Fuchsia
  2013 Foal (Zennor Floretta) - Born 24.04.2013
Zennor Coral:

Grey Filly Foal:   To make 40"+
Born:   21.04.2013
Sire:   Southley Snowman
Dam:   Zennor Amethyst
  2013 Foal (Zennor Coral) - Born 21.04.2013
Zennor (name to follow):

Blue & White Colt Foal:   To make 38"
Born:   14.03.2013
Sire:   Southley Snowman
Dam:   Helmlee Hunca Munca
  2013 Foal (Zennor (name to follow)) - Born 14.03.2013

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